Lower Bound on t for Nets with Strength k = 2 and Arbitrarily Large Dimension s

In [1] and [2, Corollary 5] it is shown that an (m−2, m, s)-net in base b can exist only if

s$\displaystyle {\frac{{b^{m}−1}}{{b−1}}}$.

This result is based on the equivalence between (m−2, m, s)-nets in base b and sets of s mutually orthogonal m-dimensional hypercubes of order b [2, Theorem 2].

The same bound can also be obtained by extracting the embedded orthogonal array, which has to satisfy the Rao bound. It is included in MinT only for historical reasons, because it is always weaker than the Rao bound for nets.

Results for certain special cases have been obtained earlier: For digital (m−2, m, s)-nets over Fb, the same bound follows easily from the fact that no set of more than

$\displaystyle {\frac{{b^{m}−1}}{{b−1}}}$

linearly independent vectors over Fbm can exist [3, Proposition 3]. See also the bound for linear OAs with strength k = 2. For arbitrary nets, but m restricted to m = 2, the result was shown in [4, Corollary 5.11], using the equivalence between (0, 2, s)-nets in base b and s−2 mutually orthogonal Latin squares of order b.

This bound (together with the trivial bound on s, the trivial bound on t, and the basic propagation rules s-reduction, m-reduction, and t-expansion) is the one tabulated in [5].


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