OA Folding and Stacking

Let A denote a (linear) orthogonal array OA(M, s, Sb, k) with even strength k and let sʹ = ⌊2s/k. Then a (linear) ordered orthogonal array OOA(M, sʹ, Sb, T , k) can be constructed for any T k. If M = bm and T is chosen as T = k, a (digital) (mk, m, sʹ)-net in base b is obtained.

The result in the linear case is due to [1, Theorem 2] and [2, Theorem 1], the non-linear case to [1, Theorem 6] and [3, Theorem 6.2.1].


The OOA Aʹ is constructed based on A as follows: Let u = k/2 and let σ denote a permutation of {0,…, sʹ – 1} without fixed points. Then

Aʹ = {y(x)  :  xA}


yi,l(x1,…, xs) = x(i−1)u+l        for lu


yi,l(x1,…, xs) = xσ(i−1)u+2u+1-l        for l > u

and i = 1,…, sʹ.

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