OOA Folding

Given a (linear) ordered orthogonal array OOA(M, us, Sb, T , k) with u ≥ 1 a (linear) OOA(M, s, Sb, T ʹ, k) with T ʹ ≤ uT can be constructed.

If T ʹ = uT , the new OOA Aʹ is obtained from A by combining u blocks to a single block. Formally,

Aʹ = {(x1,1,…, x1,T ,  …,  xu,1,…, xu,T  |   ⋯  | xu(s−1)+1,1,…, xu(s−1)+1,T ,  …,  xus,1,…, xus,T )  :  xA}.

For T ʹ < uT , the final result is obtained using depth reduction.

If A is linear, a generator matrix of Aʹ can be obtained in a similar way.

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