Klein Quartic

The projective plane curve defined by the equation

X3Y + Y3Z + Z3X = 0

is known as Klein quartic [1].

Over F8, the corresponding algebraic function field F = F8(x, y) defined by

x3y + y3 + x = 0

has genus g(F/F8) = 3 and N(F/F8) = 24 rational places [2, Example VI.3.8].

Non-Rational Places

In [3, Example 4.2] it is shown that F/F8 contains at least one place of degree 2.

The Weierstrass Semigroup and the Riemann-Roch Space

A basis of the Riemann-Roch space L(rP) for r ≥ 0 is given by

{1}∪{xiyj  :  0 ≤ i ≤ 2, j ≥ 1, 2i + 3jr}.

The gap numbers of P are {1, 2, 4} [4, Example 3.21].


The Klein quartic is optimal because the number of rational places meets Serre’s improved Hasse-Weil bound.


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