Bound for Almost-MDS-Codes with Dimension n = 3

(s, r)-caps are sets of s points in some space such that not more than r points are collinear. In this terminology normal s-caps are (s, 2)-caps. (s, r)-caps in the projective plane PG(2, b) are also known as plane (s, r)-arcs. (s, 3)-caps in PG(2, b) are equivalent to linear [s, 3, s−3]-near-MDS-codes over Fb.

[1, Corollary 3] states that there is no (2b + 2, 3)-arc in PG(2, b) for b > 3. In [1, Theorem 2] the special case for b = 3u with u ≥ 2 is considered. For other values of b, the result follows from [2].

Therefore, a linear [2b + 2, 3, 2b−1]-near MDS code over Fb with b > 3 cannot exist. Furthermore, it is shown in [3] that every [s, sm, m]-almost-MDS code (i.e., a code with Singleton defect t = 1) with m > b is also a near-MDS code. The code mentioned above has m = 2b + 2 – 3 = 2b – 1 > b. Therefore, every code with these parameters would be a near-MDS code therefore cannot exist (see also [4, Theorem 8]).


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