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Research and Academic Work

Until March 2008 I was a research assistant at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Salzburg, working for Wolfgang Schmid on a project supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Grant P18455-N18. I am a former member of the Ganesh Research Group located at the Department of Computer Science.

My work focused on high-dimensional numerical integration with a special interest in low discrepancy point sets, digital nets, (ordered) orthogonal arrays, coding theory, and related computer implementations.

I was the main developer of MinT, the database of optimal (tms)-net parameters. I am also the developer of HIntLib (High-dimensional Integration Library), a C++ library providing high-performance implementations of all major algorithms used for numerical integration in medium and high dimensions. Integration routines based on interpolatory cubature rules as well as Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo algorithms are taken into account.

In addition to my work in this project I gave lectures and was the administrator of the web server of the GeoGebra project.




Publications are listed here in the order they were written (most recent first)—which is not necessarily the order of their publication!


A list of international conferences where I gave a talk:

Internal Talks

The following talks were given by me at various occasions at our university; most of them during the weekly meetings of the Ganesh Research Group or in Peter Gerl’s Mathematical Forum. PDF-files containing the slideshows used for the presentation are available.

Course Work

This list contains a number of articles, presentations, handouts, programs and other stuff that was written by me for the classes I took during my curriculum. Even though hardly any of these items can be considered serious research, the list contains a number of neat things that may be noteworthy.

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