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Welcome to my Home in Cyberspace!!!

Scientific Facts

I am a male instance of the carbon-based bi-pedal life form commonly known as Homo Sapiens. I have lived on a nice, green and blue planet for a number of years equal 1111 in base 3. I am known as Rudi Schürer to the people roaming the planet’s surface.


I am a software developer with RealNetworks based in Niederalm near Salzburg. I build J2ME and Android applications (i.e., Java programs running on smart phones) which allow the user to buy, download, listen to, and watch music and videos from our portals.

Education and Academic Work

In addition to a Ph.D. and a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Salzburg I have also received Master’s degrees in computer science from the University of Salzburg and from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

From 2002 to 2008 I was a research assistant at the department of Mathematics at the University of Salzburg, working on coding theory, quasi-Monte Carlo methods, and high-dimensional numerical integration. If you are interested in these things, you might want to check out my Academic Work page.


When I am not working I try to spend as much time as possible out-door. I enjoy hiking and rock climbing, usually combined with geocaching or working on OpenStreetMap.


I enjoy taking picture with my digital camera. Most of these pictures are published on the web.

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